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Caring for the Next Generation

At Good Gaali, we believe that the best way to impact future generations is to impact the youth of today. To that end, the Good Gaali Youth Cycling Academy aims to positively impact today's young people mentally, physically, and spiritually. These programs are currently under development.

First, we aim to help children develop a love of cycling at an early age. Cycling helps children build strong bodies and healthful habits that can carry on into later life. Our children build self-confidence as they learn impressive bike-handling skills under the watchful eyes of our instructors. Unfortunately, pollution belching, time wasting, and altogether unhealthy traffic jams are a fact of life in places like Uganda's capital city of Kampala. When children are exposed to the long term benefits of cycling - especially riding a a bicycle built in Uganda with locally sourced renewable bamboo, in the long run, they are more likely to ditch the gas-guzzler for a clean, green bicycle! 

Second, as cycling grows in popularity world wide, the Good Gaali Youth Cycling Academy seeks to help children develop marketable skills in the cycling industry such as bicycle mechanics and frame building. Many of our children have a natural talent for working with their hands. Our skills development programs give them the tools they need to be able to do that within the sport that they love.

Third, and most importantly, Good Gaali helps to share the good news of the gospel through the power of the bicycle. Developing cycling skills takes time... And so does developing a relationship with Jesus. Our ongoing programs give us the opportunity to spend extended time with our children engaging in Christian Discipleship and Leadership Development. Our goal is to not only build cycling prowess, but also to build relationships and strong Christian character.

Finally, in order to have a long-term, lasting impact on the Ugandan health care system served by our Good Bike Program, our plan is to establish a scholarship program for GGYCA students who are interested in pursuing careers in the medical field. This is, of course, a long range proposal but one that we know will have a lasting positive impact on the life of our students and the health of all Ugandans. 

Good Gaali's first Youth Cycling group. Kampala

Good Gaali's first Youth Cycling group. Kampala


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