Good Gaali

Our Team


Brad Harrison

Ismael Ssebayigga

Steven Lumonya

Executive Director, Founder

Brad's connection to ministry and cycling started in 2009 when he joined the staff of Christ's Hope International during their first ever Ride for Hope Coast to Coast. Since that time, his love for Africa, her people, and for cycling have grown dramatically.

Brad has been married for 35 years to his beautiful wife Judy, and together, they have three grown children Mitchell, Cory and Marlee. His great desire is to join God in His work in Uganda through the power of the bicycle and to help others "see" and know Christ through that work.   


Steven Lumonya

Ismael Ssebayigga

Steven Lumonya

Uganda Director

Steven has broad experience serving in different organizations in the areas of banking, missions and development, including Standard Chartered Bank, Compassion International, African Evangelistic Enterprise and Christ Hope International. He is widely traveled and has interacted with people from different communities - especially the disadvantaged. In 2017, Steven was part of a team that rode bicycles around Lake Victoria to support AIDS affected orphans. Since then, his love for cycling has been rekindled.

Steven has been married to Juliet for 32 years and they have 7 adult children and 2 wonderful grandchildren. His passion is to reach people with the gospel through the power of the bicycle - which reach places cars cannot.


Ismael Ssebayigga

Ismael Ssebayigga

Ismael Ssebayigga

Bike Academy Leader
Ismael has a long history with cycling as a road and mountain bike rider, racer, and coach. He is one of the best mechanics in east Africa and enjoys training young riders and mechanics.

Ismael is a proud Ugandan who loves nature and loves children. He has long dreamed about establishing a cycling academy for children. Ismael believes that he can do something special to help both children and the environment through the ministry of Good Gaali.


Noordin Kasoma

Frame Builder Extraordinaire

Kasoma is passionate about bamboo, bikes, and serving others by bringing these two things together. In his small workshop located in the far southwest corner of Uganda, Kasoma uses his training, skills and passion to build some of the most beautiful bicycle frames on the planet.

The bicycles that Good Gaali uses to carry supplies for our ministry were designed and built by Kasoma. These hardworking and durable bikes are the backbone of our efforts to bring the love of Christ to the people of Uganda in real and practical ways.